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amo et odi

i pronounce it "ammo". 

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Mar 22 '14

Sometimes I worry that I’ve forgotten how to pronounce “that is such fucking bullshit” so I go and checkout the latest headlines on Queerty and it comes right back.

Mar 19 '12

Incident: LGBT blog Queerty use the slurs “LUG”, “hasbian” and “lezzie”

Because I’m a huge dork :D I’ve sent an incident report to @glaad about Queerty’s recent biohobia.

I’ve reproduced it below so that if you have two minutes spare :D you can copy it and file a report about it yourself HERE.

If you do, perhaps put in a line about how you read about it on a friend’s blog so they know we’re not spam? Idk.


In reporting on an interview in which the actress Gillian Anderson disclosed that she’s had relationships with women, Queerty referred to her as a “lesbian until graduation” (in their headline), a “hasbian” and a “lezzie”.

"Lesbian until graduation" and "hasbian" are both slurs used to belittle women who are or have been in the past, attracted to women.

In Queerty’s Terms of Service, it requires that its users agree not to post, submit, or otherwise make available content which “degrades, intimidates or is hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender [or] sexual orientation.” The post’s comment section contains a number of posts that don’t keep to this rule.

When faced with criticism over the article on twitter, Queerty responded with a series of unfriendly, unprofessional, and transphobic tweets. They refused to acknowledge what they had published was inappropriate and accused critics of being “haters” (!/Queerty/status/180007144303771648).

While their official account asserted that they “cover bisexual issues very thoughtfully”, staffer D. Evan Mulvihill (@EMulvz) mocked critics of the blog in a series of tweets including: “Apparently if bi person tells me Lamp is a bi slur I don’t get to correct them. Who’s having their cake and eating it, too, in so many ways?” (!/EMulvz/status/180034445783470080)

Please take a stand against the biphobic and lesbophobic language Queerty is using & defending.

Please note: Anderson has not, as far as I’m aware, disclosed how she identifies her orientation.